Friday, August 9, 2013

Salon Updates

Hi!......I haven’t given you, my readers, a salon update in a long time! This post is well over due. 

Over the past couple of months, the salon has experienced a few changes and some new additions. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to have a scene from the movie ‘Baggage Claim’ filmed in the salon! The cast and crew were all extremely nice and professional and it was such a pleasure to see, well hear (we had to stay in the back), a few lines from the movie. Speaking of filming, last week there was yet another film crew at the salon. This time around, a independent student film was being shot to take to the Cannes Film Festival and hopefully get picked up. The salon has been getting some major exposure in the movie industry.

Now, with all that excitement, we’ve still been working on hundreds of gowns for brides, bridesmaids and mother of the brides. Spring is always the busiest season for the bridal industry and the salon has seen it’s fair share of hectic days.  At one point we had over 8 brides picking up gowns in the same week! That’s a lot for a couture bridal salon that creates every gown in the back room! We’ve also been developing the next collection for the label and I’m very thrilled to present the gowns for everyone to see. This collection is reminiscent of Old Hollywood with lots of beading, luxurious fabrics, and intricate details.

It’s been a busy yet exciting season and with the help of my wonderful team, all these things have been possible! I have two employees; Jocelyn is our sample maker/seamstress with the “magic hands” and Eve is my super upbeat assistant. We have been working together as a team for the past 6 months but every bride seems thinks we've known each other for years. The chemistry at the salon is so creative, fun and friendly, we find at times we are here all night and never noticed the hours passing by. The salon has always been my second home but now I have two lovely ladies to share it with............but  I cannot forget the salon’s mascot, WOOKIE! Wookie is my baby, my dog of 4 years and my everything. He keeps the salon running smoothly and all of us on our toes.

I can’t wait to see what else this year has to bring for the salon, the label and all of us! Stay tuned for many more updates!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Location, Location........Destination

A lot of my brides (current and pervious) have destination weddings that take place in other states/countries. I love to travel and when we began to discuss the location for the ceremony, I get inspiration from hearing where my brides will be traveling to for their big day. After connecting with my brides and doing a bit of research on the location the wedding will take place, I began to imagine the fabrication I will use to create my bride’s gown. If my bride tells me she’s getting married on a beach, I began to picture a soft flowing dress that flows fluidly when she walks down the aisle and standing in front of her husband saying their vows. Each destination wedding requires a different look and feel. 

If you decide to go with a destination wedding there are a few tips that I would like offer: 

  • Check the weather- I advise my brides to research the weather around the time they will get married. With every gown that I create, I want my brides to be as comfortable as possible on their special day. It’s important to know how hot or cool the weather will be, because this will also help me in choosing fabrication (I would not want to put you in a heavy brocade in 90 degree weather). 
  • Transportation- how will your dress get to you? I ALWAYS advise my brides, if they can, take the dress with them! My two biggest fears are: 1) damage to the dress before the wedding, and 2) the dress NOT arriving to my bride in time for her wedding. I have personally driven gowns to my brides to make sure they receive them. 
  • Care- caring for a gown is very important no matter where you get married. If you cannot personally handle your gown, please pick someone you trust to care for it. I always advise my brides to check with their wedding planner or hotel concierge for a steamer or services available in the area. Steaming is an essential part of caring for your gown on your big day. I also advise my brides to have someone with them when they pick up their gowns from the salon so that my staff and I can properly show you how to get into your gown, bustle or attach/remove your train, and any other steps needed. 

For many of my brides, a destination wedding is also a time to squeeze in a bit of a vacation. I encourage you to have fun, see the place you’re visiting and truly enjoy this one-in-a lifetime experience. I’m the type of person who really enjoys my vacation; I love to take in all the culture, sites, and enjoy the different types of food! This is the perfect time to take a mini break from planning your dream wedding and enjoy the beautiful sites other states and countries have to offer.