Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jessica & Daniel

My Bride Jessica discovered me online and since she is a local resident, she decided to make an appointment. As we spoke during her first consultation, which also included her Mother, I came to the realization that, they too were Cuban, just as I am! Of course, Jessica & I connected immediately and she made the task of working with her effortless and fun. I ended up creating Jessica's gown from a photo inspiration that she had found through a magazine tear.

Jessica had a very specific idea for her gown as well as for her Bridesmaids. Most importantly was the specific color she had chosen for her Wedding that she wanted to incorporate into the Bridesmaids dresses and Groomsmen ties. So, I ended up designing and fabricating her gown, her Maid-of-honor, four Bridesmaids, her niece, all of the ties for the Groom & Groomsmen, and even the napkins for the reception!

All of this tied into the amazing location of her Wedding which was in the Malibu Riviera area. The gown, dresses, colors of the Wedding party, all blended beautifully with the ocean, sky, and natural surroundings that make up the Malibu area. Not only was I given the honor of being involved in this very special day, but my Husband & I were also invited to attend the Wedding. It was a lovely surprise to see that she had sat us with her family!
The Wedding and reception were captured beautifully by well know photographer Asgeir Bollason of Asgeirfotographica. His photo journalistic style complimented the wedding, the wonderful location and the great love that is so evident between Jessica & Daniel.

Congratulations Jessica & Daniel!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pasadena Magazine - "City's Best"

For the second year in a row, we have been named as "City's Best" by Pasadena Magazine! It is truly an honor, as there are so many unique businesses, both Design oriented and Wedding, that thrive in Pasadena. So, to be named as one of the Best is just an amazing validation that what we do is unique and special! For those of you who don't have a copy of the July Issue, here is what they said:
"City's Best Dress For Your Big Day -
Looking for that custom tailored dress? Alina Pizzano helps brides walk down the aisle with the utmost confidence. A former resident of NYC, Pizzano was Senior Designer at BCBG, has worked for Anne Klein, assisted in the launch of KaufmanFranco, and has worked for Limited Design Services amongst other reputable fashion houses. Pizzano specializes in creating custom gowns and is open to her client's individual needs. She works closely with brides to ensure that phenomenal, one-of-a-kind look is theirs on their special day - exactly how they want it. Her Collections are inspired by everyday surroundings: from architecture, to gardens, Pizzano finds life's beauty and incorporates it into her dresses in ways you won't see elsewhere."

Once again... Thank You Pasadena Magazine!