Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Collection Inspiration

Many of my Brides and Clients ask what inspires me when I Design my gowns. Well, my latest Collection, which will launch this Spring, is inspired by nature. I love the way nature embodies classic elements of design...the shapes, the lines, the colors. My Garden Collection, as I am calling it, embraces the beautiful lines of the Calla Lily and plays off of the silhouette of Gardenias. I've incorporated the softness of some petals while bringing the intricate folds of others.

The new Collection will be soft, organic, beautiful, sculptural and sensual. All the gowns will still be maintain the highest design standards and remain handmade...each one truly Couture.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Process of Design: Part 1

Many Brides that are searching for a gown don't truly realize that they have many choices when it comes to purchasing their dream gown. They may know that they can choose from many Designers, different price points, colors, etc., but many do not know that they can also get their gown made completely Couture, instead of buying one that is already pre-made. So, with that in mind, I am starting a new topic that I will run over the next few months that describes in depth how I create my Bride's gowns from start to finish. I will completely document my Bride Tina and show you all of the steps involved in creating her Couture Gown.
Tina actually found me through researching on the web. She lives in Las Vegas, and was unable to find anyone that shared her vision for her gown, nor was she able to find anyone that could create her gown from start to finish while understanding the design and fabrication. Upon her first appointment, Tina described what she was looking for, she also brought in some tears from magazines. After we discussed her vision, she flew back to Las Vegas and I immediately set upon sketching out 3 designs based upon our meeting. I sent her the sketches via email, she asked if we could alter a few things, which I did, and I then finalized the gown. Here is the final sketch of the gown that Tina approved for fabrication.

This is the first step in the Design Process. Over the next few months, I will show every stage along with photos, until we have completed Tina's gown for her July Wedding! Next step...muslin fitting.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Joy & Jeff

My Bride Joy happened upon our Salon as she was making appointments to try on gowns at various local Boutiques. When she came for her visit, her eyes fell upon one of my Collection gowns that was on display on the wall. The gown was cream colored double-faced satin, with an open key hole back, finished off with a tule and beaded applique. Of course, she wanted to try it on, and once she was dressed, she knew that this was "her" gown.

But, as I was her first on many other appointments, she didn't want to rush into her decision. There is one thing I always tell my Brides, that is try on as many gowns as you want at other Salons. If my gown was meant to be their own, they will return. Needless to say, Joy returned the following week, tried on the gown once again, and absolutely knew that she wanted the Collection gown, that this was "her "gown. We jumped right into the fabrication of her gown, and it was completed exactly as she had imagined! Joy also hired Photographer Brian Alexander Dreisbach, whom I work with on many of my photo shoots and highly recommend to my clients.
Congratulations Joy & Jeff!