Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring 2013 Collection Inspiration


As I finalize my Fall 2012 Collection, photo shoot with the amazing Abi Q coming soon, I am already inspired and in the process of designing my Spring 2013 Collection.  I have always loved vintage, glamorous Hollywood...the days of Ingrid Bergman and Rita Hayworth, the roll out of the red carpet at the Academy Awards.  The days when Hollywood starlets were looked at as iconic, beautiful, sexy and alluring.  You had Bette Davis, Gene Tierney, Lauren Bacall....all amazing and gorgeous.  The clothes that they wore were impeccable and grand.  So, my next Collection gathers inspiration from these fabulous women and their incredible clothing.  I am looking to recreate this feel with a sexier more modern twist.  Think...grand, glamorous, chic, sexy.  Perfect for any wedding, or maybe even a red carpet event!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


So, as my days grow more and more little man Wookie grows more and more tired.  Here he is once again taking a doggie nap in the Studio.  He loves to catch the warm rays of sun that find their way through the skylight, a perfect spot for some shut eye.  The great photo was captured by my Bride Elena's brother who is also a professional photograper, Rafael Agustin Delgado.