Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sarah & Andrew

After much anticipation, I finally received the photos from Sarah & Andrew's wedding! As expected Sarah looks absolutely gorgeous! Photographer Abi Q truly captured the love and tenderness between these two as is evident in every photo. Sarah, as you may know, has also modeled for me, so she has a bit of a special place with me. In addition, Sarah is an extremely talented esthetician for Bravo Salon which is right here in Pasadena. Whenever you are in Pasadena, you must stop by Bravo and ask for her!
I must say, that out of all of the gowns I have designed over the years, this was definitely one of the most challenging. To start with , I actually created the fabric by hand by stitching strips of ribbon together. This allowed me to create the look of a certain type of lace, Battenburg, that Sarah was looking for. After stitching the "lace" strips together, we applied the floral lace applique and stitched that in to create a seamless flow on the gown. After many , many hours of design and fabrication, the final reward is always the joy and happiness that the Brides gown brings to her, such is the case with Sarah and her Gown...
Congratulations Sarah & Andrew!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holly & Robin & Jorge

Holly came to me after discovering me at a local Pasadena Bridal Show. When she came into the Salon for her first consultation, she had all her tear sheets and had a real good idea as to what she was looking for in a gown. She wanted a princess type gown, something a little more traditional with a lot of sparkle. With Holly's wish list and tear sheets, I had an excellent idea as to the design I would create. Once I completed the sketches, I gave them to Holly to review. She took them home, placed them by her bed, and looked at two of her favorites for a whole month every night before she would go to sleep! She was totally torn between the two designs before she finally came to her decision. Here is her completed gown..

Congratulations Holly & Robin...I almost forgot little Jorge too! On a side note, Holly's wedding and reception took place only two blocks away from the Salon at the Pasadena Westin!