Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sarah's Gown

I met Sarah Lorkovic, from Bravo Salon, many months ago during our Pasadena Magazine Photo Shoot when she modeled one of my gowns for their real weddings section. As you look through the Collection pages of our website, you can find her modeling some of my gowns! But, at the time of the Shoot, she still had not purchased her wedding gown , so after talking, Sarah made an appointment to see me. She already had something very specific in mind for her dress, she wanted a crochet and lace gown that she had seen photos of in a wedding magazine. I took her initial concept and decided to run with it, making it more of a modern, fitted piece to compliment Sarah's beauty and figure. So, as crazy as it sounded, I decided instead of purchasing the lace, we would actually create our own here at the Salon.

After fitting Sarah in a muslin gown, we pulled apart the patterns and hand stitched strips of ribbon together to create her entire gown out of our own battenburg lace. We also applied lace appliques to add to the beauty, creating a gown that was elegant, light and perfect for her Palm Springs wedding!
When we were complete, it fit Sarah like a glove and she looked stunning!

I will have wedding photos coming soon as well...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mrs. Canada!

I am proud to have had the distinction to dress Mrs. Canada, Barbara van der Maaten, for the Mrs. World Pageant which just took place in November! Barbara contacted me back in August through a popular modeling website after viewing some photos of my gowns. After numerous emails and phone calls, I was able to give Barbara all of the information I needed to create her gown for the evening portion of the Pageant.

Although Barbara lives in Calgary, Canada, we were able to create a muslin gown which was shipped to a seamstress in Canada to fit to Barbara and then create her final gown here in Pasadena. When we completed the gown, we shipped it back to Canada just in time for Barbara's long flight to Vietnam and the Mrs. World Pageant! Long story short, Barbara looked stunning in her gown and in everything else that she wore! I will be posting photos of the gown as soon as Barbara recuperates from her exhaustive trip!