Sunday, August 12, 2012

Anna & Thomas

Anna's dress all started with her fabric.  It was a fabric that had been in her family for over 60 years and was brought back from Asia by her grandfather upon his return from war.  When her grandmother saw it, she thought it was so beautiful that it should be saved for future use by one of her unborn grandchildren.  It is amazing to think that something so beautiful and delicate could be saved during a time of war, only now to be used in a time of that is a wonderful cycle.   
Unfortunately, when Anna brought the fabric to the Salon and we opened it up, we discovered a large water stain.  So, her mother began looking for the remainder of the fabric in her attic space to see what was left that we could possibly use, she actually discovered an even more beautiful fabric wrapped up within the original!  Just our luck!  
Not only was the fabric a part of the long family history, but we also used a dress that her mother loved and wore, and that Anna had inherited, as the design inspiration for her own wedding dress.  
Seasoned photographer Mike Colon, of Newport Beach,  captured all of the lovely details and the beautiful wedding location of this special event.

Congratulations Anna & Thomas!

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