Friday, November 18, 2011

The Process of Design: Part 1 (Raquel)

I was contacted via email by my bride Raquel who lives all the way over on the East Coast in Connecticut. She was searching for her perfect gown, which had to be as unique as her custom engagement ring that her fiance had specially designed for her.  Having little luck on her search, Raquel finally came across my website. She told me that when she landed on my site, she thought to herself, I want all of these dresses... And so, the process of designing Raquel's wedding gown began...
First, after confirming her appointment and blocking out the days on my calendar, Raquel booked her flight.  In order to make the most of her trip between Connecticut and Cali, we decided to meet on consecutive days.  On the first day, we needed  to work out her preferences, her vision for her gown, as I created a few sketches that incorporated what Raquel was looking for.  After many, many laughs and a great first day, I had a lot of information to go through to create the final sketch of her gown.

Day two, we met to finalize the dress design. This included the final sketch, which would now be used to create the pattern for her muslin dress. The muslin dress is a cotton mock up of what the final gown will be and is basically, the sketch come to life. It is what I use to fabricate my final patterns and to create the preliminary fit of the gown...this will come together during our next appointment. Next, since the design is now confirmed, Raquel picks out the fabric swatch and color from a selection that I have prepared which will be applied to the final gown. Finally, I take all of Raquel's measurements that I will need to start the fabrication process.
Now, next time Raquel and I meet, I will have her muslin dress ready for the first fitting...

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