Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spring 2012 Inspiration Board

As part of my Design Process, I look at many different fabrics, from intricate laces to silky chiffon. I look at all of the beautiful textures and wonderful colors of each fabric, including ways to create my own fabrics and colors. I look at how the fabrics will fold and drape, how they will conform to a Bride's figure, how they will feel against her skin.
But, before I ever even get to this point, I always look for inspiration. It may be the detailed folds and beautiful symmetry of a flower as I did for my Fall 2010 Collection, or the incredible organic layers and structure of a Frank Gehry building for the design of the gown, as was the case for my Fall 2011 Collection. It can be the rich blue colors of a Caribbean Sea, the soft whiteness of a snowy day, or the sexy silhouette of an Italian sports car .  There is no limit to what inspires me each season and where that inspiration may come from...
My new inspiration for my Spring 2012 Collection is Miami. The beautiful turquoise hues of the ocean, the stunning colors of the sky as the sun rises over the water want to seep into my fabrics. The energy of Miami and the people, the great sense of style that fits the outdoor living, the rich unique colors, textures, and patterns that are so specific to Miami can be found no where else. The wonderful lines of the Art Deco hotels that line Ocean Drive, inspire the curves of my gowns.  The beach living, with crocheted swimsuits and sexy sheer wraps want to flow into these dresses.
These images, ideas, inspirations are so important to my Design Process, that they help to guide my vision, my passion, my creativity for each one of my Collections.  Now, stay tuned for the release...

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