Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kristi & James

When my bride Kristi, who is a kindergarten teacher in the Pasadena area, came to her first appointment, she opened up to me about her family and the recent passing of her father.  As we spoke, we instantly bonded and connected over the fact that we had both lost our fathers.  After shedding many tears, Kristi told me what her vision was for her gown and her wedding.  She gave me her full trust and wanted me to style her and her entire party from head to toe, which I gladly and proudly did.
Her Bohemian vision came to life in the design of her gown which we made from Battenburg lace appliques and Crinkle chiffon, from the simplest of ideas, one of which was a sun dress.  After every meeting and fitting, I knew that as we adjusted and played with ideas, that I was on the right track when I could see a glimmer of tears in her eyes.
I even involved her sister Cami in the fabrication of Kristi's gown and had her assist with a portion of the beading, making it very personal for her and her family.
Kristi also put her lovely Mom in my hands, as I put her in a gold Dupioni jacket with matching cigarette style pants.  As the matriarch of the family, I thought it only fitting that her Mom be in gold as the rest of the party were in shades of yellow.
The wedding and reception took place at her beautiful brother-in-law's house in Altadena.  Quaint, intimate and emotional, her wedding brought tears all the way around, including myself and my husband.  All of it captured by Rose City Photography.

 Congratulations Kristi & James!

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