Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fall 2012 Fabric Sneak Peek

As I come to the completion of my Fall 2012 Collection, I wanted to share a few of the fabrics which have inspired my design process and have added to the Moroccan flair of the gowns.  This first image is of a lace that was shown to me by one of my fabric vendors, that instantly captivated me and transported me to Morocco.

After that, I searched out other fabrics that would continue the inspiration and fit well with the design essence that I was already working with.  As you can see, there are rich golden-carmel silk dupionis, glimmering sand colored tule, and unusual architectural inspired laces.  All of these not only add to the exotic feel of this Collection,. but also inspire the direction that each gown takes.  Stay tuned for the Collection Release....

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