Friday, December 9, 2011

Alice & Sean

Alice was referred to me by my dear friend Nana, whom I have known since high school. When Nana heard that her sister-in-law Alice was getting married, she immediately put her in contact with me (with only one and a half months away from her wedding date!)... time was obviously of the essence for us. Alice had an idea of what she wanted, since her wedding was to be at her home in Laguna with a Hawaiian theme. She didn't want something too flashy, but instead wanted to look elegant and sophisticated, light and airy. Alice wanted a gown that would fit her tropical setting, one that would make her feel as if she were in Hawaii.

As I heard this, I showed her a gown from my previous Spring Collection which was metallic twill with a gazaar overlay. When Alice saw this gown, she knew this was the effect and elegance she was looking for.  From that point forward, Alice had me laughing at her fittings time and time again.  Her personality carried over into her special day, as the setting was intimate with just the right amount of family and friends.  Even her brother Dave, Nana's husband, got into the action, as he stepped in behind the lens to capture all of the beauty and warmth of Alice's wedding from his own personal perspective. And , to top it off, I also designed my "niece" Natalie's flower girl dress!

Congratulations Alice & Sean!

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