Monday, December 7, 2009

Mrs. Canada!

I am proud to have had the distinction to dress Mrs. Canada, Barbara van der Maaten, for the Mrs. World Pageant which just took place in November! Barbara contacted me back in August through a popular modeling website after viewing some photos of my gowns. After numerous emails and phone calls, I was able to give Barbara all of the information I needed to create her gown for the evening portion of the Pageant.

Although Barbara lives in Calgary, Canada, we were able to create a muslin gown which was shipped to a seamstress in Canada to fit to Barbara and then create her final gown here in Pasadena. When we completed the gown, we shipped it back to Canada just in time for Barbara's long flight to Vietnam and the Mrs. World Pageant! Long story short, Barbara looked stunning in her gown and in everything else that she wore! I will be posting photos of the gown as soon as Barbara recuperates from her exhaustive trip!

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