Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lynne & Aaron

I call Lynne my "Emergency Bride"! With 3 weeks to her weddding, Lynne came to me desperately in need of help with her gown. The person who created her gown did not understand the basics of design or fabrication. Needless to say, Lynne was extremely distraught and in a bind and needed a new gown. Usually, I don't take on the creation of a gown with anything less than a 4 month time frame, but, Lynne convinced me. I could completely understand her frustration and imagine this is just 3 weeks until her actual wedding day! So, with the clock ticking, I went for it! We actually tore apart her old dress and used it to make new patterns, creating a brand new gown!
Long story short...Lynne was very, very happy...and I think I now have two friends for life...Lynne and her wonderful husband Aaron! If you ever see Lynne ask her about all the other craziness that occured on her wedding...that story will fill up a completely new page.

Photography by Jim Semlor

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