Sunday, March 22, 2009


One of the most important aspects of a wedding gown is the silhouette. Most of the brides that come to me have a pretty good idea as to how they would like to look on their wedding day, but sometimes there can be confusion with regards to the actual silhouette of their dress. So let's talk about a few of the most popular styles...
The A-line dress is fitted to the bodice and flows out from the bust to the ground in an unbroken line, resembling an Upper case A. The A line is a classic shape and very popular due to it's simplicity.
A ball gown has a fitted bodice combined with a full skirt. This gown is probably the most traditional of all styles, but when changing up fabrics and color, a modern look can be acheived.
The mermaid gown contours the body from the bust to the knees and then flares out to the hem. This is a gown that is sexy and visually dramatic. Here is an example of a mermaid gown...

The trumpet gown is similar to the mermaid except that instead of flaring out from the knees, the gown flares out from the low hip.
An empire gown sits just under the bust and flows gracefully to the ground, just skimming the body. It has a Grecian feeling to it and can be very romantic.
A column, or sheath gown, is similar to the empire except that the column dress fits the body more and shows a woman's curves.
The look of each of these wedding gowns can also be altered through use of fabrics, embroidery, beading and color to create a modern look, as well as by changing the length. Not all weddding gowns need to be floor length, many modern brides are now moving towards shorter lengths such as tea length, which comes to about mid-calf. Basically, there are many different combinations of styles, colors, lengths and looks for brides to think about. The most important thing to think about is's your wedding, choose what you want for your special day!

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